Phoenix Agricultural Club


Welcome to our web site. We are pleased to present this introduction of The Phoenix Agricultural Club. The Phoenix Agricultural Club, which we abbreviate as PAC, meets during what we call the Snowbird Season in Phoenix, a time period stretching from the conclusion of fall harvest to the beginning of spring.

Membership in PAC provides an opportunity to enjoy the association with others who have similar interests. Club activities include Phoenix area tours, plus an Agricultural Outlook meeting in February. The Outlook meeting features topics of current interest to landowners and others involved with agribusiness.


Mission Statment:

The Phoenix Agricultural Club includes landowners, farmers, educators and agribusiness professionals striving to achieve a better understanding and appreciation of the value of agriculture to our society. The mission of the Phoenix Agricultural Club is to examine and discuss issues of agricultural significance and to inform and influence agricultural leaders in the private sector.


Contact Info:

Ted Axland

Phoenix Agricultural Club

25636 N Abajo Dr

Rio Verde AZ 85263

Phone: 480-471-3518